Sorbent Development for CO2 and Water Vapor Removal from the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)

NASA is developing a new crewed space vehicle, the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), to replace the space shuttle in low earth orbit and to allow for a return to the moon. To achieve a low mass, the CEV has been designed with regenerative life support systems to remove CO2 and water vapor from the air flow. Through a sub-contract with Hamilton Sundstrand, students are working to develop new, more efficient sorbents to remove these two chemicals from the CEV.

To develop the sorbents, the students had to design, build and test an absorption test rig.  Then they had to begin to test various support materials (carbon, ceramics and polymers) as well as the potential sorbents themselves. Testing is ongoing as new compounds are developed.

Participants and Affiliations: