Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program

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The Life Support and Sustainable Living Program Winter Intersession 2012 Application is available by clicking here 2012 LSSL Program Application

The Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program integrates professional skills such as leadership, team building, problem solving, project planning and hands-on engineering experience with the technical skills provided by higher education institutions. These skills, coupled with Problem Based Learning (PBL) concepts, are utilized in conjunction with the real-world, industry-driven projects to better prepare students to meet the demands/challenges of the highly competitive global workforce. This enables the LSSL Program to excel.

The LSSL Program aims to facilitate and believes in the ability of education to change the future, to move the planet towards a world of progress, harmony and wisdom. A good education means something that leads to the creation of a fully-developed individual: mature, knowledgeable, strong and kind. This is the vision towards which the Life Support and Sustainable Living Program is continuously striving.

The LSSL Program recruits students from institutions partnering with the Connecticut College of Technology (CCOT) for the purpose of conducting planning, research and design of projects from business/industry, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Connecticut Children's Medical Center and other governmental organizations.

Students admitted into the program initially attend a three (3) week workshop that focuses on essential professional skills such as team building, project planning and project management. For the remaining 12 weeks the participating students apply their newly learned skills and, acting as self-managed teams, focus on the development and growth of the project/team upon which they choose to participate. The teams submit monthly progress reports and are responsible for compiling and presenting a comprehensive final project report at the conclusion of the program.