Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program

EC 21The Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program was developed to provide under-represented inner-city high school students the opportunity to have a positive experience in the STEM disciplines, particularly in the engineering and technology fields. What makes the program unique is that the project-based and hands-on learning is integrated with the professional skills that will be necessary for the students to succeed in college and later to enter the workforce. Some of those professional skills include team-building, personal accountability, understanding behavioral diversity using the DISC Behavioral Model and technical writing.

In addition to using electronic circuitry boards to engage students in understanding basic electronics, hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles were introduced into the program in 2010 to further students' interest in green-technology. Before students build and test their vehicles, they must develop an educational level appropriate mastery of the mathematics and engineering behind hydrogen powered fuel-cells. The Program culminates with a fuel-cell race car competition that demonstrates the team-building and STEM skill-sets that the students have mastered during the program.

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