Effective Teams/Team-building

In light of today's rapidly changing global business environment, employers are looking for graduates who have more than technical knowledge.  Organizations are seeking graduates who can join their company and immediately function productively reducing training time and expenses.

The individuals/teams who participate in the Winter Intersession have been given an edge up in the hiring process because the Program integrates strategic planning, teamwork and leadership skills into the learning process.  The Winter Intersession revolves around individuals working on high-performance teams by delving into the fundamental dynamics of effective teamwork. teams

Individuals are exposed to different styles of human behavior which are assessed during the Life Support and Sustainable Living Program using DISC Behavioral Profile assessments.  This assessment is a behavioral model based on the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. (1893 - 1947) to examine the behavior of individuals within our environment or a specific individual situation. The DISC Behavioral Profile identifies perceived behavioral styles and preferences thereby fostering a better understanding of human differences facilitating improved communications between the different behavior styles within the team environment. Participants learn about the dynamics/synergy of a team and the leadership necessary to maintain an effectively functioning team dispite differences in perceived behavior.

Another strength of the LSSL Program is learning about and understanding project planning and management as they relate to each project goal/team. Students learn how to conceptualize and develop a project plan based upon the project/project team on which each student elects to participate, beginning with a concise and focused mission.  Then, as a team, the students carry the newly developed project plan through actual plan implementation, monitor the plan as it unfolds then adapt for the future based upon project/team developments. Many of the LSSL Program teams have developed corporate-level project plans that have enabled them to achieve success with their respective projects. Successes achieved within the LSSL Program will be valuable tools each participant can utilize as they progress through the completion of their educational programs and into their respective career fields of choice.