Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program

Upon completion of the Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program, the student participants from Hartford Public High School provided feedback.  The students, who gave up their April vacation to participate in the program they referred to as "ECP," provided the following feedback based upon an evaluation created by their teacher. 


1)  The "ECP" program gave me the opportunity to learn about:

    - "how to operate with a team and to work together and how different personalities in a group help benefit the team."

     - "people and their different behavior styles, how to write with an open mind and how to look at writing in a different way that I use it now."

    -"the many different ways people act, how to work on a high performance team, the keys to become a leader, communication skills, how to create a typical lab report, how to do hands on labs and lots more."

     - "what kind of problems a biomedical engineer solves, for example, during the ECP, one of the instructors was working on a heart monitor for neonates."

     - "Many things.  For example, how to interact with other people, and how to understand why other people have certain behaviors and how to adapt to that behavior."

     - "the different types of opportunities that the engineering schools have to offer me due to the fact that they want more people to join (local) companies .  I also learned how to write a lab report on a college level within four days of being in this program, as well as, how to be more of a leader to people around me...."


2)  The "ECP" made me feel:

    - "to want to do more with my life by encouraging me to get a better education by graduating from high school and by going on to college so that I can become a successful person."

    - "like I could succeed in a college life style and even study engineering as a major.  What the teachers gave to us was something many people don't do for us in the city and that gives us hope."

     - "like I was in a real work environment."

     - "respected, useful and not worthless, it made me feel like I was already in my dreams and I know I am already.  Soon I will be reaching my long term goals."

     - "like I can go to college and be all that I can be and that anything could happen if I work hard at it and that DISC would help me understand the entirely different behavior styles that I will run across in the world."

     - "that I can really go out into the world knowing that there is nothing that I can't do.  I really feel that this program has opened my eyes to a world of possibility...."

3) The best part of the "ECP" was:

    - "to learn about DISC and how the team depends on different personalities, and how they can work together to get a job done."

     - "when we were learning about the DISC process because it showed me how to interact with certain people."

     - "that I got to meet new people and learn new things that would help me to better myself in life, and found people that would help me to make my dreams come true in life."

     -"the fact that I got to meet more students that really feel the same way that I do about being an engineer as well as the teachers that showed me all the great tips I will need to get a great start on my dreams!"

     - "to learn about how people act and how to basically communicate.  The best part was when given examples of how people act and was very informative and fun to learn."

4) The "ECP" made me look at school differently.  I expect to:

    - "continue my education and become a more successful person in life."

     - "go to college and get a masters in engineering because I really enjoy the working environment of an engineer after what I saw in the ECP."

     - "do better in school knowing all that I know now and will help anyone that I can do their best in what they do.  I expect that this (program) would help any student look at work and school differently than how they look at it right now."

     - "I believed school was for learning and home was for education, and I was right however I found out that school can also educate you or assist in your education from home and that it wasn't for just learning."

     - "work efficiently and always be productive during school hours."

     - "keep doing what I like to do and do the best that I can.  I expect to continue my schooling after I get out of high school and attend school for Mechanical Engineering."

5)  The "ECP" made me look at engineering differently.  I know now that engineering:

    - "has many different fields of study, and that you have to be strong in the areas of mathematics and science to become a good engineer.  I also learned that engineering is fun to learn about and can change the world."

    - "The program did not make any impact on my perception of engineering.  However, it (ECP) gave me the knowledge of the opportunities that I have in going into the engineering field of study."

    - "is really tedious and working cooperatively as a team can produce amazing work.  In stating this I enjoyed working along (with) the students and instructors as well."

     - "is a good thing and that it helps save lives every day....."

     - "isn't a one man thing, you need a team that can help you with something that you might not know and benefit from the learning process."

     - "involves working with all different types of people that you have to adapt to."

6)  The "ECP" changes my plans for what I will be doing after I graduate from high school.  I will be:

     - "going to a four year college for mechanical engineering and work hard in everything I do."

    - "enlisting in the Navy and maybe pursue a career in engineering."

     -"attending college to major in engineering with a minor in psychology."

     - "Some people might say it (ECP) changed their plans but for me it did not, instead it made me set up higher expectations beyond my reach for myself.  It made me set up higher goals for myself."

     - "become a great engineer so that when I finish college I will have companies coming to me asking me to work for them!"

     - "a more open minded person.  I will never let anyone ever tell me that I am not good enough, smart enough or clever enough to achieve my dreams.  I will always remember what I have inside of me and that I am smart enough, good enough and that I am clever enough to achieve my dreams and be all that I can be."