Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program
Student Testimonials

Upon completion of each Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program the participating high school students are asked to complete an evaluation rating the course, the instructors and the particiant effort.  Following please find some of the responses provided:

" I really enjoyed learning about DISC. It helps me interact with my surroundings much better, it also made me learn how to control my hyper behavior at times. I had a great time."


"This program prepared us for college work and how to challenge ourselves for a better future."


"Learning about DISC helped me to better understand myself and the people around me."


"The strength of this course is that it makes students want to succeed and do better for themselves. It is very motivational."


"(Instructor) - very talkative makes students feel comfortable; (Instructor) - very intellegent man, explains things very clearly; (Instructor)-very enthusiastic person, motivates me and other students; (Instructor) - smart woman, great teacher; (Student Instructor) - very helpful and very smart."


"This program will help you in the longrun. No matter what you decide to do."


"(Instructor) is a very nice guy, he showed me that everyone could be somebody and we can make it anywhere in life; (Instructor) is very encouraging and there for any needs."


"I learned how to write a lab report."


"The strengths of this course included helping students with good writing skills and showing us how to write good lab reports and learn about engineering.


"I think the instructors are all really nice and fun. They actually did teach me in a way where it was easy for me to understand."


"The skills I learned will be used for the rest of my life."

"I believe the strength of this course/work was being able to challenge us and let us learn things we could use in the future."


"My opinion is that the program is doing a great job on instructing and motivating us students/young adults."