Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program Testimonials

Upon completion of each of the Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program's Summer Teacher Dissemination Workshops the participants are asked to complete an evaluation rating the course, the instructors and the particiant's efforts.  When asked about the strengths of the course, following please find some of the responses provided:

"The hands on aspect - the project based learning"


"Different content areas: 1) learning styles and group dynamics, 2) problem based learning and 3) technical writing."


"This was a class act.  Well thought out and planned.  It was the best teamwork training I have had.  I loved the DISC and the knowledge I gained from it will be invaluable to me in my teaching career."

"Delivered what was promised and more - logical with examples - DISC evaluation and interpretation - hands-on activities - learning about teamwork - applying concepts by working in a team - learning about community colleges - school of manufacturing"


"Used practical programs that can be brought back to the classroom.  Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop."


"This addressed much needed skills.  Working together, writing, it really showed the nuts and bolts of how we can work together better.  All of the DISC information really broke down the how and why of all the teamwork challenges.  The PBL (Problem Based Learning) was great.  That is why I am a Tech Ed teacher, I love working toward a goal to complete a project."


"Each instructor had their own niche.  One was a biomed, college instructor and researcher, the second's strength practical physics - works in the classroom, the third had the corporate approach with a lot of great materials and the fourth had amazing input on technical writing which is often left out of training, but needs to be included as it was in this program."


"I plan to use the DISC information in conjunction with the teams that I currently set-up for class projects.  I also plan to use it during the section I teach on occupations, jobs and personal values.  I also plan on using some of the lab writing techniques in all of my classes."


"DISC, problem based learning, technical writing - all portions of the course were relavant."

"Teaching more teambuilding skills and helping students understand others behaviors as well as their own and using projects that deal with social issues to try to bring more young women into the program."


"I like the fact that we can continue to keep in contact with (the instructors) to have students create devices and have them actually prototyped and try them on real babies.  I am thinking of a lot of areas for group work, DISC and brain dominance, talking about strategies for getting everyone to work together, center district grants-media project, CTIA, career pathways, etc.  Robotics - introduce many of these concepts and excercises and use videos in school-wide presentations."